Cornerstone Crossing

Cornerstone Faith Center is raising money to purchase a local motel in Saint Ignatius.  We will be using the motel for various things, one of them being short-term emergency housing for those in need.  We will also have a coffee shop and motel rooms for rental.  The coffee and rooms are not only a great way to connect with our community but also a way to help fund the organization. Any money that comes in from the coffee or motel rooms will be going right back into the organization.  There will be a full-time staff person on-site to oversee all the elements of the organization, as well as helping those that are utilizing our emergency housing.  To make this all happen we need to buy this facility with no loans – debt free!  Without debt holding us down, we will be able to do more to serve our community rather than serving the debt!  We believe in this project and we believe it will make a difference in our part of this wonderful valley.  It would mean so much to us to have you partner with us by giving to this project.


We have made an offer on this building as of Friday, January 5th and it was accepted!  We will own this property in 90 days!  We only need to raise $60,000 to make that happen.  We need to raise this by the closing date.  Help us meet this goal and make Cornerstone Crossing a reality. We are excited and believe God is going to do amazing things through this ministry!  Get involve, share the news, pray and give!

UPDATE – 3.19.18

We are fully funded to make the purchase on April 2nd!  Thank you for all your support!  We can still use your help!  We will continue raising money to remodel the building and get it ready for all that we will do with at this facility!

UPDATE – 12/14/18

We have opened the Coffee Shop and Hotel!

The Coffee Shop is open Monday thru Friday from 7:00 – 4:30

We hope to see you soon!

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Sunset Motel

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